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No Gym? Grab a Band. Bands can be used anytime anywhere in any situation. From trees to your neighborhood playground the world becomes your gym. Training with bands has been proven to be more effective for your body than weights, really allowing you to get connected with your body, hitting your tendons, and building smart long lasting muscles. Using Rubberbanditz, you primarily focus on bodyweight exercises such as calisthenics, stretching, and yoga. They can also be use for power lifting, cross-fit, or rehab.

Rubberbanditz are unique because they are made through a continuous layering process to prevent snapping. Each bands has potential to stretch up to 2(1/2) times its original length letting you get 2(1/2) times more creative. 

Here are the six most commonly used bands:

Let's get started. Here are a couple simple ways you can attach them to your surroundings. 

insert video of looping 

Here are a some demonstrations on how you can use the bands for resistance or assistance.

Push-ups. (Assitance and resistance). To assist, loop band around an object above you. Put band around your waist. For resistance, loop the band around your hands and around your back. 

Pull-ups. (Assistance) Place both feet are in the band. For an extra challenge to practice on form and control, take one foot out. 

Insert pull-up photo

Dips. (Assistance and resistance). Place both knees on the band to assist going up. For resistance place a band around the neck for resistance going up.

dip photo here

Abs: (Resistance). Lay flat on the ground, place band around neck and around feet. Pump knees in and out.

Squats: (Resistance). Straddle both feet on the band. Hold the band and extend your arms. Make sure your back is straight and squat.

For more of a challenge increase the band resistance.

If you think bands are just for beginners, think again. Bands can also be used to maximize reps, strengthen tendons, and to perfect your form. We are always searching for new ways to use the bands, so join the band wagon and let us know what's up.